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In my Fall 2017 semester at Bow Valley College in the Digital Marketing Major program I completed the Introduction to Digital Media Productions course where we learned about the functions and features with 4 programs offered in the Adobe Creative Cloud. After completing each module we completed journal entries for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and finally Adobe Premier .

Adobe Photoshop

The first program that we were introduced to was Photoshop. I had previous experience with the program but with the help of my instructor, Jeff Nelson, I was able to expand my knowledge. I am now able to remove aspects of an image as well as seamlessly replace the background of an image.

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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator was my favourite program in the creative cloud. I describe it as Paint for grown-ups. It elevates the platform of Paint to allow full creativity in design. We created a logo for a company we created; I designed a logo for Sally Bratz Quilting Company. Will Illustrator I was able to create lettering that reflected the patchwork design that are found in quilts. Sometimes companies need to design logos that are easily understood and reflect the products. This is an alternative to featuring the company name or letters in the name.

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Adobe InDesign

Next was Adobe InDesign, as a marketer it is important that there are programs that allow for template building which can be used digitally and with traditional media. Email marketing is now an interactive communication tool that businesses are utilizing. This tool allows for customized content, it's cost-effective, and data can be easily tracked and analyzed. Just Sweet Enough is a diabetic bakery in Calgary and I created an email blast example that would be sent to their subscribers.

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Adobe Premier

The final program that we were introduced to was Adobe Premiere. It is a tool for those who want to create videos. We were tasked with featuring reasons as to why Amazon should choose Calgary as the location for their head office, AmazonLoveYYC. My partner, Amber Rowden, and I featured the reasons why we love Calgary. We asked students and family why they love the city, we featured videos and photos highlighting the responses we received.

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Students for Change

Our final group project was to design elements for a marketing campaign that would run for an event we created. Students for Change would be a 3-day exposition held in Calgary that would allow students to teach the skills they have to help fight homelessness in Calgary. We would ask students from HR, finance, cosmetology, culinary arts, early childhood & development, and nursing to participate. The three-day event would provide essential information that attendees could put into practice on the final day which would be a Job Fair.

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